A message from Ethics Board Member Julie Jay

I am sending this friendly reminder to everyone just to reinforce some policies that have been forgotten or are being broken. As you know we are a bit of a relaxed state with some things that have to do with being a gymnastics judge, but we still follow protocol and rules. We have some amazing high-level competitions here in Las Vegas, and many very important clubs, coaches, athletes and judges attend these events. So we need to make sure we are all being professional at all times. The following are bullet points of things we have noticed and this letter will act as a warning to all to make sure you follow these guidelines as we will begin to write reprimand letters.

  • Be on time always, this means in the judges room at report time or before. Also, back in judge’s room throughout the competition day.
  • Wear proper and appropriate judging attire. (Navy blue slacks/skirts and white blouse/shirts, low heals. flats, no leggings and boots.)
  • At no time should you be hanging out/socializing with coaches at the meet venue during competition hours.
  • While acting as and dressed as a judge you need to maintain the proper behavior that is expected of certified officials. (See R & P for explanation) Any issues with a coach/judge etc. should be brought to the attention of the acting meet referee, please refrain from talking about judging issues with coaches/parents.
  • Always know what, when and where you are judging and be prepared.
  • Please refer to the R & P in regards to what you will be reimbursed for such as gas, meals parking etc. Many times we forget that these meets can cost a meet host thousands of dollars, so please be professional and caring when making your choices that involve reimbursement.

Thank you for understanding and helping us make NV NAWGJ the best.